Testimonials and Success Stories

Dominic Anglim

Actor and Story Teller

"I first met Xander and JoJo whilst living in Berlin last year. I was attending a Stellar Adler acting workshop with Ron Burrus at the Schott Acting Studio. Xander was filming it. When the workshop was over we all went out for a meal together. We got chatting and quickly learned we both had the same agent. Small world. Xander told me about a weekly get together they organized called The Global Acting Studio, where actors shared different acting techniques, networked and discussed new writing ideas.

I went along the following week and really enjoyed it. We brainstormed some ideas for future projects and Xander told us about an upcoming camera acting workshop, he was helping to organize with British director, David Penn.

It was through that workshop that I met Mara Luka. We both attended a Global Acting Studio meet up. Mara had an idea for a sci-fi screenplay and was looking for a co-writer & producer to help her with it. Myself and Mara began working on her idea and over 5 months, developed it into a feature screenplay. JoJo loaned me one of her books on screenwriting, Save The Cat by Blake Snyder. This book became our how to guide for writing that screenplay. We then began filming it late in the summer.


I also attended dance classes organized by JoJo through her dancing group, Joyful Living Dancing. The classes were a mixture between contemporary and pop and always left me feeling uplifted and positive.


The Global Acting Studio is a brilliant initiative organized by two pioneering artists. Both Xander and JoJo champion collaboration, support and empowerment in our industry. In Berlin, they provided the important medium for actors to meet and develop ideas. Now in the UK, they continue to fly the flag of acceptance, give actors the opportunity to practice their craft and learn new skills as well.


I’m grateful to call them friends."



Ollie Horsfall

Artistic Director, Actor, Award Winning Playwright and Poet

Ollie Horsfall was at one of our first workshops in Prague and has since then taken everything that we talked about and applied it in his own life.
Since that first workshop Ollie has founded his own theatre company @donkeydroptc (A play on his surname Donkey = Hors, Drop = Fall), Created a monthly Scratch Night which he produces and hosts in Prague, acted in several amazing projects and to top it off he has gone through a total physical transformation by setting his fitness and health goals and committing to them and creating good daily habits.

“What Xander teaches in his workshops is nothing new or revolutionary, but because of the way he teaches and shares his knowledge, you are given a new perspective that just gave me that boost I needed to go for my dreams. Xander Turian is a charismatic leader with a head for success. Whilst not only leading by example he takes your dreams and turns them into real goals. His passion for helping others is not only what makes him a unique figure in modern society but also the image of integrity.”




Cristian Åsvik


When we first met Cristian he was incredibly stiff. Stiff in his acting, his personality, his body - everything about him was locked up tight. In the last three years he has worked so hard on his craft and we have formed goals that he has dedicated himself to with full force and focus.The last few years have been filled with breakthrough after breakthrough for Cristian.


“Working with @xanderturian on setting goals and knowing that he believes in me is the support and push I needed to get myself to see where it is I want to end up. Working with @jojo.v.salmuth and dancing, allowing myself to move my body has been so freeing. And when I got the opportunity to attend not 1, but 2 workshops with @francisco.javier.medina I felt so grateful as his emotional work unlocked something inside of me. I have a long way to go still, but I know I am on the right path” - @cristianasvik

Cristian has attended @brommafhsk Theater school and @set_teaterskola as well as @praguefilmschool and is currently living back in Sweden pursuing new acting projects and work.



Stephanie Ruß

Actor, Producer and Screenwriter

"The Global Acting Studio is a professional studio with heart and soul. The way the coaches teach and present the information makes absolute sense to me. It was easy to follow their method which gives a great overview of the lessons learned and their effects on our lives so I am able to apply them every day in order to grow and continue taking steps closer towards my goals. It’s always a pleasure to work with The Global Acting Studio.

I remember the first time I met Xander very well. Do you know that feeling when you enter a room and immediately have a connection to a person? His unique personality casts a spell over you. This ability paired with the urge to be a bit better every day and supportive with a wide range of experience and knowledge is unbeatable. I can rightly say that I enjoy working with Xander and learning with and from him. As a teacher, he is passionate, patient and reliable. I always look forward to the next training session.”




Antonín Mašek


@AnthonyMasekOfficial is a great Czech actor that we have had the pleasure of working with both on set and in the class room. Anthony is the definition of hard work and grind. He is constantly working on his craft every day and always looks for new challenges and ways to improve.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
A typical day for Tony looks like this:
“I wake up at 7am and go for a run and to training. I train various martial arts and my main focus is Krav-Maga. After my post work out shower and meal I go to meetings and castings. I love to spend time with other actors, directors and creatives to share ideas and give each other tips. Later in the day I meditate and work on a range of acting and vocal exercises to keep myself in shape for the next opportunity. In the evenings I always give myself to wind down and let go by either watching a movie or playing a game of some kind.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

For me it is super important to keep training and growing as an actor. I love to attend classes and workshops and working together with @TheGlobalActingStudio and having been on set as an actor alongside @XanderTurian as well as be part of his workshops has been such a blessing and a lot of fun. Xander is a great teacher that will give you a kick start into the film business! Personally I think his workshops are very important for people that want get a taste of what acting is and what the business might be like.”⠀



Ivo Consi

Director and Acting Coach

"I really enjoyed the exercise where we envisioned our future, the time machine. Xander guided us through the exercise over perfectly chosen music. I discovered things about myself that hadn't been clear to me before. I was able to see myself with two little kids, a vision of myself I previously didn’t want, as well as other parts of my life that have since allowed me to focus more on being in the present, making sure I work hard on creating a future as beautiful as I imagine. 

Since attending my first workshop with The Global acting Studio I have started focusing more on my own acting coaching and directing locally in Prague. I am so grateful, thank you Xander."



Daniel Mavrov


"Xander is an amazing teacher, acting coach, leader and most importantly your friend that believes in you and makes you realize that you are the one that should believe in yourself the most! One of the many things I love about his acting workshops is the energy that he ignites inside of you and how he helps you stay on the right track to achieving your life's dreams and purpose!"