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Prague Film School programs are still running and applications are currently open for September 2021. 


We feel that the current situation should not affect our students or those who are considering furthering their career within the film industry and are therefore committed to creating positive solutions for everyone.

As an incentive for those who choose to apply to any year program starting in January, we are offering a €1000 discount on your tuition fee. 


Class sizes are currently smaller to accommodate the social distancing regulations currently in place and PPE is to be used when applicable. 

We adhere to all government guidelines. During times where we must shut down the Prague Film School campus, we move to an online based learning structure. These consist of regular online theory classes held by our own teachers on site using multi camera set-ups and high quality audio, masterclasses held by industry professionals from around the world and tutorials with mentors from your program. Each student also receives an equipment package containing a camera, lights and audio equipment delivered to their home so as to practice and work on assignments for feedback.

Any time spent online will be compensated for at the end of the year, with no additional tuition fees, so that you are given the full practical experience that Prague Film School is famous for.

We look forward to a new school year and hope to see you at our newly refurbished campus.

For any questions about the school, our programs and how to apply then please feel free to contact us

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