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The Global Acting Studio was founded in 2018 by Xander Turian and Johanna von Salmuth to provide acting, filmmaking and directing workshops and coaching as well as a strong global community of like-minded artists to connect and work together.

Our mindset is that to become the greatest we can be, we must first learn from the greatest and do as they did, then expand on and evolve their techniques.

As the disciples of Stanislavsky did when they founded their world-famous Actors Studio we too shall share our knowledge, passion and time to grow and build on our craft together.

We are currently based in West London and offer private coaching and workshops, both in person and online.

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Xander Turian

Actor, Director and Coach

Graduated with Honors from Prague Film School - Acting For Film Program

MA (Distinction) in Filmmaking at Raindance & De Montfort University

Founder of Cuprite Productions and The Global Acting Studio

Johanna von Salmuth - Coach

Johanna von Salmuth

Dancer, Choreographer & Film Producer

Attended The Professional Dance Academy - Stuttgart, Germany

BA (1st Class) in Practical Filmmaking at MetFilm School - London

Founder of Joyful-Living-Dancing and Joyful-Living-Films

Co-Founder of The Global Acting Studio

1-2-1 Personal Coaching for actors and directors

Screen Acting workshops

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